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With final steps towards zero carbon new homes now being taken, let us take you through how specifying Zehnder’s Passive House accredited units will give you confidence in your low energy construction projects.

Leading the way

The first certified Passive House buildings in the UK were completed in Machynlleth, Powys, Wales in 2009.

Passive House Certified

ComfoAir Q

Brand New Passive House
Accredited Heat Recovery.

With a World Class
96% Heat Recovery Efficiency

The best solution for fresh air

During the planning of a new building or a renovation project you have to take many factors into consideration: the energy and cost efficiency of the plans; the comfort and health of the occupants; all of the various legal and regulatory requirements.

The same applies to the subject of ‘fresh air’. Comfortable indoor ventilation with heat recovery is the modern and sustainable answer, particularly with regard to the energy efficiency of a modern, airtight building. It is also an essential requirement when building to the increasingly popular Passive House standard.

You want products to incorporate the latest technology and to be of the highest level of quality, functionality and durability. You want to deal with a manufacturer for whom perfect service is a matter of course.

As the market leader in comfortable indoor ventilation, Zehnder provides you with this service and these products. Our experienced staff understands inherently what high performance housing is all about and how to design systems which ensure that the house of tomorrow is a reality for today.

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15 - The magic number

Passive House buildings need roughly 15kWh/m2/yr of heat which is generally met by using a duct mounted post-heater or a small boiler.

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Zehnder Comfosystems Your Passive House system of choice

As Europe’s leading provider of energy efficient indoor climate solutions, we have a complete ventilation system offering.

We have more than forty years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of ventilation systems. Our experience and knowledge allows us to produce intuitive, integrated solutions which meet all the needs of our customers.


No one knows our products and their capabilities better than our own technical specialists. We are ideally placed, not only to design installations so that they meet both the Building Regulations and the needs of the homeowner, but also to offer training and support throughout any project.

  • Planning support for the installer
  • Training of partners via RIBA approved CPDs (see below)
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Individual designs tailored to customer requirements


Because we design and manufacture many of the elements of our systems, components are designed to fit together. This integrated functionality allows for a more rapid system installation saving both time and money for the installer and the end user.

  • Coordinated system components
  • Simple, fast and economical installation
  • Technical support and training for installers via BPEC accredited courses and on-site ‘Toolbox Talks’


All Zehnder Comfosystems can be simply and effectively controlled to ensure optimal performance around the clock. A choice of easy to use controls range from simple switches to fully integrated LCD displays featuring programmable timers and system status messages.

  • Simple to use
  • Comfort temperature can be set by the homeowner
  • Control unit with status messages and timer function available


The provision of good air quality is at the heart of everything we do. We have, therefore, designed in a variety of features meaning the system can be easily maintained over its lifecycle so that air quality is never compromised. Our ventilation units contain replaceable, high grade filters on both the supply and extract air streams.

  • Smooth internal coating in both the unit and the ComfoTube ducting prevents dirt from settling
  • Simple replacement of filters in the device and the air vents
  • Heat exchangers that can be easily cleaned


At Zehnder we have designed our units so that they require as little maintenance as possible. Beyond checking the filters and heat exchanger periodically, there is little else to do to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your system.

  • Low maintenance units
  • Long-lasting effectiveness and efficiency
  • Inspections/servicing by specialists
  • Easy to replace components

Zehnder ComfoAir Units

We offer a complete range of Passive House accredited domestic whole house ventilation units with either heat or energy recovery. With a portfolio such as this to choose from, you should have no problem finding the correct solution for your project.

Please read more or download the PDF datasheets here:

ComfoAir 180

ComfoAir 180

Professional Development (CPD)

Zehnder is delighted to be able to provide a RIBA-approved CPD entitled:
‘Specifying Heat Recovery Ventilation in the Design of Domestic High Code Level and Passive House Properties.'

The hour long seminar covers the following topics:

Understand the key principles of heat recovery ventilation and how it works

Learn about what constitutes a High Code Level and Passive House dwelling

Understand how to identify the correct heat recovery system for the project

Recognise the necessary features to achieve compliance with High Code Levels or Passive House standards

Be aware of best practice when specifying heat recovery ventilation for domestic properties

Royal Institute of British Architects

Contact us for more information on 01276 605800 or email your enquiry to cpd@zehnder.com.

CASE STUDY - Knights Place in Exeter

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There she blows!

In 2012 wind turbines in the UK generated more than 16 TWh – enough electricity for around 4 million homes.

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